"Since I began working with Carrie in January 2016, I have witnessed marked improvement to my self-esteem, organizational skills, and professional relationships. I attribute these improvements to the high-caliber guidance Carrie provides. Carrie is observant, responsive, thoughtful, and hard-nosed when I need her to be. 

A meeting with Carrie may last between 30 minutes to one and a half hours, depending on the content and the meeting’s goals. Her organization is evident. She is able to pick up from our last meeting quickly and also work our current discussion into the larger narrative of what I want to achieve in life. Always thoughtful and kind, Carrie knows that I want to make a positive difference in the world, and she invests herself in helping me generate ideas to find out where I might do that. 

She holds me accountable every week through text messages and emails, preceding our video calls. As per our arrangement, I fill out and email to her a pre-call form and action plan. These documents help with goal setting and self-reflection, and they allow her to make sure that I am progressing toward the goals I laid out. This level of attention to my progress increases my confidence in her. 

Ever encouraging and challenging at the same time, she often guides me to adopt an investigatory mindset, to see myself and my behavior more objectively, without judgment. I am often super hard on myself for not attaining a more meaningful and important career since I graduated college (in 2013), a theme that surfaces frequently during our coaching calls. She recently encouraged me to recognize when the self-deprecating patterns surface, notice them, and then move on, taking positive and thoughtful action toward the accomplishment of my present goals. She also coaches me on my tendency to compare myself with others, shifting that mindset to compare myself to who I presently am with my unique gifts and competencies. She encourages me to honor myself and have faith that I will find a more rewarding career path and my creative expression if I stay focused on being the best version of me each day. Her wisdom is extremely valuable, and she has introduced methods for meditation, relaxation, and acceptance of myself in the present. 

The best way to find success when meeting with Carrie is to be receptive to her feedback, be focused, and goal-oriented. Carrie wants you to find what you want in life. She also has tools available to help you find self-direction and ideas, including her suggestions for taking control of your next moves and a specialized personality test. 
I strongly recommend anyone wanting to improve career performance, make a career change, advance a professional relationship, polish a resume, or form stronger organizational habits, seek out meeting with Carrie and most of all…enjoy the ride!"

Jeff Fromuth, Optician at Warby Parker, Washington D.C. Age 27

"An excellent coach and extremely accommodating to your specific needs. She makes me want to try new things that I'd avoided like the plague in the past, and she has a genuinuely upbeat persona that always improves my mood. Bonus points for Murph the dog! He should be your mascot!"

Laura Butler, Age 26

"I first went to Carrie with an existing job, looking for a new job, when I was unexpectedly laid off. Carrie has been invaluable to me during my career search, providing sound advice beyond what the multitude of “How to Interview” books cover. I’m confident that I will find a job suited for me. After that time, I intend to get Carrie’s help to improve my performance and find better fulfillment in my work."

Shannon Burke, Sustainability & Disaster Risk Reduction Consultant, Washington D.C


"Carrie has been coaching my college aged son this semester and she is awesome! He has ADHD and very poor executive functioning skills. Carrie has worked with him to organize and is teaching him to be proactive and avoid procrastination. She is very hands on and caring and has helped my son immensely. In addition, she is very skilled at assisting her clients with english and writing which is one of his weaknesses. I highly recommend."

Debbie Brown

"As a recent college grad our daughter has really benefitted from a strong coaching relationship with Carrie Morris. Carrie has a great depth of experience as a life/career coach combined with a keen understanding of young adults with learning challenges and ADD/ADHD.

Carrie is a great communicator and an excellent listener. She is skilled at reflecting back while moving her client’s thinking forward.

Carrie was extremely well-prepared for our first session. We had sent her a report from a prior vocational assessment and she had read it thru more than once, had highlighted various things, pulled from it appropriately in getting to know our daughter.

Carrie is upbeat and encouraging, and brings with her energy a very grounded and solid presence.

Carrie is flexible. She has worked on a variety of things with our daughter, ranging from resume re-write to interview presentation and practice etc. She quickly helped our daughter identify and prepare to interview for a substantive volunteer position (which our daughter was chosen for). Over the summer Carrie was also able to support our daughter in an upper level online course she took at the University of Maryland.

Our daughter has a great relationship with Carrie, and I can highly recommend her as a life/career coach."

Barbara Platt

"Carrie is an exceptional and a very detail oriented professional. I worked with Carrie on several candidate searches and she always demonstrated and produced strong and qualified individuals. Carrie will go over and beyond the task at hand and has a genuine talent of human connection. A '"nose" of prospecting the best of the best! She is a strategic and out of the box thinker and works with high integrity and purpose. She will add tremendous value and support to any company, you can't go wrong with Carrie...trust me!"

SVP Spa Operations and Strategic Retail Development Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas

"I have had the opportunity to work with a great number of search professionals during my tenure at Wolters Kluwer and I would rate Carrie among the very best. Her ability to immerse herself in our business and rapidly come up to speed on our recruiting objectives, proved to be invaluable. Rather than trying exclusively, to sell us on the virtues of any particular candidate, she applied the same critical process to evaluate suitability as would any of our hiring managers. In addition to the foregoing, her strengths in networking, sourcing and even improving the content of our postings, enable me to recommend Carrie without hesitation to any organization seeking both a partner and trusted adviser in the field of talent acquisition."

Global Director, Sales Operations at Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions

"I highly recommend Ms. Morris as an executive function coach for teens struggling with  executive function and attention issues. Ms. Morris understands the needs of students with  these challenges, particularly those with different learning styles. She has been so helpful for our teen son, who is bright but struggles with the multiple demands of high school work and who has had difficulty keeping up with the pace of school life. Once he began working with  Ms. Morris, we have seen improvements in his ability to manage the work expected for his grade level. She has really helped in a positive and motivating manner – helping to provide tools that will carry him beyond high school. By helping him enhance his organizational and time-management systems, my son works more efficiently. He is learning to prioritize all of life’s demands. It’s a relief to remove ourselves from the “nagging” role as he learns to work more independently."  

Laura Koss - Assistant Director at Federal Trade Commission

"My history with Carrie Morris spans 5 years. She was my academic coach in high school and is now guiding me in my transition to nursing school. I recently set up a LinkedIn Profile and Carrie assisted me in how best to position myself, highlighting my strengths and relevant background experience. I have truly enjoyed having Carrie by my side as a tutor/mentor/life coach, and most importantly, my friend. She is patient and ensures everything we do is crystal clear before our session is complete. I’m not sure how I would have survived high school without her!"  

Sarah Tolstoi – 25  Postpartum Care Provider/Newborn Night Nurse (NCP/PCP)

"Carrie was recently engaged to assist a colleague of mine who was in the midst of a protracted job search and career transition. I witnessed how caring and thoughtful she was in her support, consultative approach, and expertise in showcasing the client's unique skill sets, professional profile, while offering intensive interview coaching. She adopted a collaborative approach while applying her expertise as needed to help the client progress with his job search. She is able to look at the whole person and apply her skills, supports as needed, and is adaptive to different personalities!"  

Karen Marangi - Principal at The Raben Group

Carrie is an excellent executive functioning coach who my clinical practice routinely recommends to adolescents and young adults for help with organization, planning, and juggling academic loads.

Susan D. Rich, MD MPH - President and CEO at 7th Generation Foundation, Inc.

"Carrie is one of the most thorough and professional recruiters I've met. She asks the tough questions and challenges you, which is not only effective in screening but is great in guiding your thinking when interviewing with other team members. She always ensured I knew exactly what was ahead and the expectations I would face in interviewing. It was a pleasure going through the interview process with her."  

Jim Dominey - Co-Founder - Curative Consulting