Personal Growth and Development


Personal Growth and Development


You are the subject matter expert in your own life. An archivist in your very own situation room. You’re aware of your triggers, habit nature, strengths, stretches, and perhaps the bridge between the two. You also sense that you’re ripe for a change. The notion “Grow where you’re planted,” no longer suits you. And unless you’re a garnish on a platter, why should it?

Let's begin with a few assumptions. YOU already possess the internal resources to craft the life you desire. A purpose-driven life that honors your life experiences, aligns with the type of person you want to become and contribution you wish to make. Together we will explore how you engage in and with your world, AND bring fresh insights about your current belief system's ability to serve your vision for your future and resulting life choices.



I meet you exactly where you are, inviting a thoughtful and often challenging inquiry, bringing you back to what you know to be true about you. 

Together we will develop your capacity to meet life’s holy shift moments with clarity, flexibility and respond in ways that respectfully serve you, others, and the situation at hand.

Greater self-awareness to reframe your current beliefs around what is and what isn’t possible in your life, and help you clear the brush, so the path forward is more accessible.

Reframe setbacks as opportunities for creative problem solving.

Genuine, respectful feedback based on what we’ve agreed upon is your personal and professional goals, with measurable and actionable pathways toward the accomplishment of each.

Greater recognition of and objective view of your internal narrator:  savior or saboteur and refine the script for a more respectful dialogue between the two.

Bring awareness to the ways you “show up” in your life in a variety of settings and contexts, encouraging you to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

Develop and leverage those skills and competencies you’ve acquired along the way and cultivate new resources to support your ongoing growth and development.


I don’t have the or your answers – I just know which questions to ask! I AM that powerful advocate watching you become the author of your own life’s story.

I hope you entrust me to journey and learn along side you. 

The client coach relationship can be one of the most powerful you forge in your life!


College Organizational Coaching and Career Exploration Assessments

College Organizational Coaching and Career Exploration Assessments


Academic and life skills tailored to students’ individual learning style, personality and motivational levels.

It’s amazing how many decisions we make in a day. And how with each conscious or unconscious decision, we alone create our perception and our reality. When you have a better handle on who you are and how you operate best in school and in the world, you will be in position of The DECIDER.

Benefits of Knowing Your Type: College Bound and Beyond

  • Expanded self-awareness of the impact Type has on your learning, communication style, and interactions with others.
  • Getting the best from your written and oral communication style in class or on a team.
  • Adopting a common language to better self-advocate with instructors, parents, and peers.
  • Knowledge of time management preferences with targeted strategies.
  • A more focused and successful career search process and outcome.
  • Access to tools to more clearly and confidently invent your career, optimizing your strengths, talents and best-fit preferences.

Career Ready: Young Professionals and Adults in Transition

Career Ready: Young Professionals and Adults in Transition


Whether you’re at the beginning of your career exploration or in the midst of a transition, it’s possible and worth your time to target a career that showcases your natural abilities, competencies, and environment that encourages innovation and self-expression.

But how do you forecast with clarity and confidence that you’re on the right path and positioned for success and satisfaction? One that truly speaks to all of you. Your “goodness of fit” – that fit between your natural talents and demands of the job.  

I bring a holistic approach to the career development and reintegration process through a range of personality, strength-based and vocational assessments, and interpretive feedback sessions, among other goodies.

Career Ready Coaching Service Components

  • Successful Career Invention or Reinvention at Any Age
  • What's involved in Launching Your Career Transition: Reboot or Tweak?
  • How to Tap Into Your Career Pathway with Purpose
  • Navigating through a Forced or Passion-Driven Reinvention  
  •  Mastering the Interview: Virtual and In-Person
  •  Salary Negotiations That Leave Everyone Feeling Good – especially YOU


I’m not about encouraging career contortionists to continue the practice of shapeshifting to meet the needs of their current employer or organizational culture.

I’m here to help you mine, honor and cherish your true self and invite that self to work everyday.