Survival Skills for the College Bound

Need an organizational tune up? Whether you’re the type who loves to venture off road without a plan, your greatest discoveries are those you stumble across, or you’re more comfortable accessing your GPS to better enjoy the ride, wouldn’t it be great to get a jumpstart and assessment of your college readiness. Your ability to prioritize and establish meaningful, realistic timelines to organize and “attack” your work, AND still have time for FUN…after all, college is supposed to be fun.

How to navigate the freshman year with some manageable academic and organizational skill building might just be on tap for you, (before you identify the best pubs on campus.) You are the reflection of your time, effort, creativity and output. Let’s get going.

Select one, two, or bundle to cover your bases.

What’s Your Story? Mastering the College Interview: 


The interview process is a critical component of your college acceptance and a powerful way to showcase your personality that extends beyond your application. Hone the craft of authentically presenting yourself to the college admissions officer and/or admissions team with proven interviewing techniques, tips on playing to your strengths while avoiding the most common mistakes. We will conclude the 5-week session with role-playing exercises designed to reinforce and ensure your success. 


Is your College Essay an eye opener or eye closer? Crafting the pitch perfect College Essay. 


The college essay is your platform to shine! Be thoughtful, bold and tell us something we don’t already know about the (why) in YOU.  In three 75-minute individualized sessions, you will learn not only how to structure your essay but how to convey your personal narrative in a manner that engages from the start.  



To Thine Own Self Be True: Introduction to The Talent & Personality Type Assessment: 

Using an established diagnostic tool, the MBTI® College Edition Interpretive Report can help you develop a new or better understanding of how you work and think, allowing you to choose a college major or course load that accurately reflects your personality—ultimately preparing you for a satisfying career in your future.