TYPE Development in the Family-Coaching Package

TYPE Development in the Family-Coaching Package

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TYPE Development in the Family-Coaching Package:  

Ever find yourself searching for your teen’s factory settings? Or that you’d benefit from Rosetta Stone® in your very own home? In the absence of your teen’s operations manual, the following resources help bridge the communication and generational divide through the development of a more respectful dialogue and informed road map for college selection, appropriate majors, and future career path. Additionally, you’ll learn the role type development plays in goal setting and task initiation. 

The family coaching package includes:

  • Customized Personality and vocational assessments for the student, including all collateral materials and interpretive reports.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Step 1 and 2  for the student and one adult.
  • Two 60-minute interpretative follow-up sessions with the student and family members.