College Bound and Beyond Coaching

Decades of evidence supports why Personality Typing is such a reliable and valid predictor of Career Satisfaction and Success. Do What You Are™ differs from other student assessment instruments in several important ways. Perhaps most notable, it is based on personality typing — the innate way people naturally see the world and make decisions — a set of basic drives and motivations that remain constant throughout a person’s  life. Students who learn about their personality type, gain accurate and invaluable insights about themselves, others, and their career-related needs. This translates into informed, satisfying college and career decisions.


The Do What You Are™ Confidential Reports Include:   

  • A graph representing the Self Discovery Assessment scores (with explanation)
  • Student personality profile
  • Student strengths and blind spots
  • Student's preferred learning style
  • Interpersonal negotiating styles
  • Student career satisfiers, recommended careers and fields of study
  • Access to O’Net career database

Benefits of Knowing Your Type, Learning Style, and Emotional Intelligence:

  • Expanded self-awareness of the impact Type has on your learning, communication style, and interactions with others.
  • Getting the best from your written and oral communication style in class or on a team.
  • Adopting a common language to better self-advocate with instructors, parents, and peers.
  • Knowledge of time management preferences with targeted strategies.
  • A more focused and successful career search process and outcome.
  • Access to tools to more clearly and confidently invent your career, optimizing your strengths, talents and best-fit preferences.


How Suite it is: Three Assessments, plus two follow-up interpretive sessions