Career and Strengths-Based Assessments

This package is ideal for the working professional in the midst of a career transition and/or ripe for exploration. These assessments provide a framework for understanding how one’s chosen career path may or may not “sync” with one's dominant strengths, motivations, core values and highest form of creative expression. CarrieOn Coaching specializes in helping professionals find and cultivate their voice.  A suite of tools enhances self-awareness by measuring leadership effectiveness from multiple vantage points. Used together, these tools provide a comprehensive picture of leadership, as well as detailed and integrated feedback about individuals’ strengths and developmental opportunities along a continuum of leadership facets.

What’s Your Story Coaching Package includes:

  • MBTI® Step I™ and Step II™ assessments: In-depth reports break down each preference into facets, which allow deeper analysis of type.
  • DiSC® personal assessment tool for improving work productivity, teamwork and communication Individualized interpretation by phone or in person
  • Five 60-minute coaching sessions bring into focus the way you “show up” in your life in a variety of settings and contexts.