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CarrieON Coaching

Greetings, Parents, and Friends

Is your ambitious college grad on the verge of entering the job market or currently teeing-up that invaluable summer internship? If so – and they can demonstrate in a well-crafted cover letter and resume that they have some of the requisite skills organizations’ value, they’ll be far closer to landing that first gig! But first – they’ve got to GET the interview. And then – they’ve got to NAIL it! (And no offense, but if I may speak directly to your youngin’s.)

No doubt, it’s a highly competitive landscape out there, with far more candidates vying for far fewer jobs. Your job is to rise above the crowd by first establishing you’re a serious candidate on paper! And you accomplish this by focusing on the transferability of your current skills! These may include your college and any relevant extracurricular activities AND their application in the environment you would like to enter (presumably, that of your target organization.) The takeaway here: no generic cover letters. Customize, tailor, tailor, tailor. One good test is to ask your friends, parents – that man on the street, if they can tell what job you’re applying for just by looking at your resume. If they can, terrific! And if you stay with me, below I’ll make a quick reference to how the job description can be your best guide in crafting your resume.

So, let’s make some assumptions and say you’ve advanced from the initial phone screen to the in-person interview. Now what????

Here’s where I come in: showing you how to effectively convey your winning attributes in an in-person interview.

Together we will:

• Identify your (USP) Unique Selling Proposition.

• Capitalize on what sets you apart from your competition.

• Understand the difference between the Traditional Vanilla and Behavioral-Based Interview and how that translates into your interview preparation.

• How crafting a well-structured storyline “STARS” can address any question an interviewer tosses over the net with a sure-fire lob back! • How Mise en Place (MEEZ-ahn-plahs) – the French culinary term that means “everything in its place” translates into successful interview preparation and outcome.

• What your body language says that speaks louder than any words. • Pacing, and that all important VOICE. How to ensure that yours is a three-chair turner.

• How to address broad and equally lame interview questions such as: “So, tell me about yourself? (And they don’t mean if you’re a vegan.)

• Why the Job description should become your best friend and greatest source of intel.

• Shifting the traditional interview mindset; recognizing it’s not about you to IT’s ALL ABOUT THEM!!!!! • How to turn your stretches into strengths when asked about your greatest weaknesses.

• How best to authentically position yourself to showcase your value to the organization.

• How to be a closer, not a poser.

If I may be of service, I hope you'll connect. If not, I wish you the best in your endeavors, and most importantly, enjoy the ride! Be well!