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Change Your Awareness, Change Yourself

Abraham Maslow once said, “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” As good a place to start as any. During these times when your life is starting to move in a new direction (career reinvention, transition, retirement, unexpected loss, etc.) and stress or suds levels bubble to the surface, trust and tap into your character strengths to help you shift your mindset and recognize the path forward has distinct possibilities and you’ve got CHOICES!

1. Learn and Draw your Strength and Confidence from Past Successes
Think of a time in the past when you were successful at something. You directed your energy and focus into a task and felt proud of the outcome. Maybe you finished a complicated work project, spent the day making a family member, friend or work colleague feel special and loved, or hosted a successful dinner party. First, consider which of your core character strengths you utilized to help you complete this task. Then, reflect on how those particular strengths can continue to help you move through this life transition with more clarity, grace and confidence.

2. Give Yourself a Break and a Boost
Some life changes may leave you feeling weak and insecure, ill-equipped to handle the unexpected. But when you remind yourself of your natural, strength-based qualities that you’ve successfully marshalled in the past and what makes you – YOU, and uniquely positioned to handle this situation and those to come, you will bring renewed strength and creativity to your current situation. Land on a mantra that will become uniquely yours. “I bring more {ENTER TOP STRENGTH} into my life and into this world.” 

3. Ground your Goals    
Research shows that when you align your goals with your character strengths you have a better chance of succeeding. How do you see yourself on the other side of this life transition? Make a game plan to accomplish this goal with small behavioral actions/changes rooted in your top strengths. For instance, maybe you plan to use your strength of curiosity to learn one new thing each day about your new job/organization which will contribute to your ultimate goal of being productive in the position.

Using your Character Strengths effectively during a life transition can help reduce the stress and uncertainty you experience.

 I look forward to accompanying you on this leg of your journey and those to come.