Back to Center: I’ve Assessed That I’m “Assessmented Out.”

Are you finding yourself these days in umm mode versus omm mode? Your Drishti (yoga term for balance and groundedness) a bit off center? You know and feel in your gut that it’s time. Together, we will find, feel and bring your unique vision to the foreground. Give it a voice, with a concrete plan that you can track and measure your success. Identify the how and why your goal and plan is meaningful for you.

Through a series of one-on-one coaching, we will expand your personal and professional toolbox to support your growth, development and impact your wish to make in the world. Package includes: Comprehensive review of past work, educational history and recalibration for the future.

Areas Ripe to Mine:

  • How can I transition or reengineer my current career to better reflect the me I’d like to be?
  • Is my current career exploration/job search approach serving me?
  • Am I thriving or merely surviving in my current career? How do I approach the intersection of my desire for a new career and path forward?
  •  Is it possible to apply for a job I know I’m not qualified for?
  • The resume checklist.
  • The interview and how to harness your insights through knowing personality type - no matter who’s interviewing you – HR or the CEO.
  • How to read people in an interview?
  • How to be a STAR in a Behavioral- Based Interview?

Fees: Coaching Sessions are generally 60 to 75 minutes in length, and fees vary per session accordingly. Length of work ranges from 5-8 sessions over a period of months.