From Career Contortionist to Strategist Package: Adults in Transition

This package is here to help you mine, honor and cherish your true self and invite that self to work everyday.

The following assessments are offered online, with links provided by me. Upon completion, we will schedule your follow-up interpretive session to review and integrate your results into a comprehensive, actionable plan to achieve your personal and professional career goals.

Package includes:

  •   MBTI® Step I™ and Step II™ assessments: In-depth reports break down each preference into facets, which allow deeper analysis of type.
  •  Career implications, leadership and communication style with recommendations.
  •  The VIA Survey of Character Strengths assessment, a central tool of positive psychology.
  • 60-75 minute interpretative session by phone, virtually or in person.

Areas Ripe to Mine:

  • Successful Career Invention or Reinvention at Any Age.
  • What's involved in Launching Your Career Transition: Reboot or Tweak?
  • How to Tap Into Your Career Pathway with Purpose.
  • Navigating through a Forced or Passion-Driven Reinvention.
  •  Mastering the Interview: Virtual and In-Person.
  •  Salary Negotiations That Leave Everyone Feeling Good – especially YOU.